Whole Bison for sale and half bison for sale

Whole and Half Bison For Sale

In addition to our Premium American Bison retail sales, Black Mountain Bison also offers whole bison for sale and half bison for sale. Please review the information below.

Pricing and Availablity

We have a limited number of whole and half bison available at any given time. We are currently taking orders for animals that will be processed each month in 2024. Please use the form to contact us about a purchase of a whole or half animal.

Whole Bison For Sale

Whole Bison – True Whole
Price: $4.95/pound plus processing* on the hanging weight**
($500 deposit required)  Order Now

For a whole bison, you will receive between 290 – 380 lbs of meat. Price and weight will vary depending on the actual weight of the animal and how you would like the meat cut. We will provide customers with a cutting instructions form to specify what cuts of meat they would like and how they would like it packaged.

Half Bison For Sale

One-Half Bison – True Half
Price: $5.95/pound plus processing* on the hanging weight**
($500 deposit required)  Order Now

For a 1/2 of bison, you will receive between 166 – 200 lbs of meat. Price and weight will vary depending on the actual weight of the animal and how you would like the meat cut. We will provide customers with a cutting instructions form for how they would like their meat packaged.

*processing costs are paid directly to the packing plant when you pick up your order. As of January 2024, this was $1.05 per pound, based on the hanging or split weight for half-bison orders. Additionally, there is a $100 slaughter charge for whole bison orders (that cost is split for half bison orders), plus a $20 single-pack fee per order.

**the hanging weight, a.k.a. carcass weight or hot weight, is NOT the actual amount of meat you will receive. You will receive approximately 60% +/- of the hanging weight. The average hanging weight is 632 lbs.

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Whole/Half Bison Pricing Examples:

Avg. Cost on a Full Bison

  • 632lb Hanging Weight
  • Bison Cost (hanging weight x $4.95) = $3,128.40
  • Processing (hanging weight x $1.05) = $663.60
  • Kill and Single Pack Fee = $120

Avg. Total Cost for Full Bison = $3,912.00

Black Mountain Bison’s promise of top-quality whole and half bison is fortified by our partnership with Double J Meat Packing. With their dedication to ethical practices and expert processing, you can trust that every bite will be a testament to quality and sustainability.

Avg. Cost on a Half Bison

  • 632lb Hanging Weight
  • Bison Cost (hanging weight/2 x $5.95) = $1,880.20
  • Processing (hanging weight/2 x $1.05) = $331.80
  • Kill and Single Pack Fee = $70

Avg. Total Cost for Half Bison = $2,282.80

At this time, we are unable to provide shipping services for whole or half-bison orders.

Understanding Bison Meat Yield 

Many of our customers are curious about why the meat yield from a bison, which can easily weigh over 2,000 pounds, typically ranges only between 250 to 350 pounds. Here’s why:

While a full-grown adult bison bull can indeed reach weights upwards of 2,000 pounds, the meat we provide does not come from these mature bulls. Instead, we source our meat from younger bison, specifically heifers 18 to 24 months old. These younger bison are not only more manageable in size, but their meat is significantly more tender and flavorful, which is highly prized among connoisseurs and afficianados.

The weight difference between the live weight of an animal and its hanging weight primarily comes from the fact that a large portion of a mature bison’s weight is due to bone, hide, and non-edible organs/parts—up to 300 pounds! When we talk about yield—especially the 250 to 350 pounds range—we’re referring to the actual amount of usable meat that can be harvested from the animal. This includes the steaks, roasts, ground meat, and other products that our customers enjoy. Again, these weights will vary from animal to animal and how the customer wants the meat cut, e.g., a bone-in ribeye steak will weigh more than a boneless ribeye steak and a roast will typically contain more connective tissue and meat that would typically be trimmed off a steak.

Our choice to use meat from younger heifers aligns with our commitment to providing the highest quality and most delicious bison meat. This approach ensures that you, as our customer, receive the best product possible, characterized by tenderness and a rich, clean flavor that truly embodies the essence of the wild American West.


How much meat will I get?

This will depend on what cuts you select and how thick/heavy you want them cut. But as an example, a recent whole bison produced the following cuts:

2 x Backribs
8 x Bavette Steaks
3-4 Packs of Cut Femur Bones
2 x Briskets (or 4 halves)
12 x Chuck Roasts
17 x Filets (Tenderloin)
2 x Flank Steaks
12 x Flat Iron Steaks
150 lbs of Ground Bison (1 lb packs)
1 x Bison Heart (halved)
2 x Inside Skirt Steaks
3-4 Packs of Knuckles (bones)
8 x Liver (1 lb packs)
2 x Outside Skirt Steaks
2 x Petite Tenders
20 x Ribeyes
8 x Short Ribs
1 x Tongue
2 x Tri-Tip Roasts

How long does it take for me to get my meat?

Generally, it will be 3-4 weeks from the time the animals are processed until the meat is ready for pick up. Sometimes, a little sooner, sometimes, a little later.