Premium Bison Ribeye Steak

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Savor the flavor of the Bison Ribeye

Our Premium Bison Ribeye steak promises a flavor-packed journey with every bite. Whether it’s celebrating a special occasion or just something to satisfy a hearty appetite, this Bison Ribeye steak delivers. Our generous 1½” cut ribeye steak is tender and succulent. Perfect for the grill or pan-seared and oven-finished to perfection. Learn more about our Bison Ribeye steak.

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Celebrations come in all shapes and sizes: the promotion, the big win, smashing that PR, the weekend, the end of the day. You need something equally impressive to celebrate with. Our Bison Ribeye steak comes in the most popular shape and size: Big and thick.

The Bison ribeye steak is a cut of meat that comes from the rib section of a bison. It is similar to traditional beef ribeye in that it is a marbled and tender cut with a rich, beefy flavor. However, the bison ribeye steak is leaner than beef ribeye and contains fewer calories and less fat. This makes it a healthier option for those who are conscious about their diet.

Generously cut at 1½”, our Bison Ribeye steak is perfect on the grill or pan-seared and broiled to perfection. Go ahead. You deserve this.

Best cooked medium-rare to medium.

Bison Ribeye steaks are delivered frozen and individually vacuum-sealed.

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Weight 10 oz

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All orders are typically processed within 1 to 3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays).

We ship all orders on MONDAY MORNINGS. Orders placed after 8:00 a.m. (MST) on Monday that contains meat or any other perishable item, may be held and shipped the following Monday.

All orders containing meat products will be shipped in an insulated Styrofoam shipping box. Our bison meat is individually vacuum-sealed and shipped frozen. We add dry ice to each order to extend the freezing point of the meat.

We do offer local pick-up at our office. We can typically have orders pulled and ready for pickup within an hour.

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31 reviews for Premium Bison Ribeye Steak

  1. TV (store manager)

    Black Mountain Bison is a premier family owned and operated company with mission of providing nothing but thee best artistry cuts of Bison meat with flavor and tenderness that are out of this world!! Black Mountain Bison takes a great deal of pride in providing top notch customer service, prompt delivery, and competitive pricing. We celebrated a family event with Ribeye cuts that were delivered right to my door 2 days before our event in solid packaging that kept the meat safely frozen until I got home from work. These highly nutritious cuts were beautifully marbled, extremely tender and very flavorful. We will definitively be ordering from Black Mountain Bison and making their Bison the main source of protein in our house!

  2. Vicki (Verified Purchase)

    So tender and wonderful

  3. William Rainey (Verified Purchase)

  4. Kevin (Verified Purchase)

    Best tasting ribeye I’ve ever had. No debate. 11/10.

  5. Walter Colburn (Verified Purchase)

    The rib-eye steaks were tender and flavorful, the entire family thoroughly enjoyed them.

  6. Lynne Behrens-Hanna (Verified Purchase)

    The best!
    This is a carnivores dream meal!

  7. Walter C. (Verified Purchase)

  8. WILLIAM OLIVO (Verified Purchase)

  9. Lynne B. (Verified Purchase)

  10. Israel Wofford (Verified Purchase)

  11. Kevin W. (Verified Purchase)

    Purchased a Bison Ribeye a few months back and it was the most tender and succulent steak I have ever had the pleasure of eating.

  12. Dan Lane (Verified Purchase)

    Amazing rib eye. I will tag you on Instagram soon with the final product!

  13. Fred and Nancy Barnard (Verified Purchase)

  14. Marcus (Verified Purchase)

  15. Pam (Verified Purchase)

    It was so tender and juicy

  16. Rafael Gutierrez (Verified Purchase)

    Unbeatable quality & Delicious!

    First time having Bison Ribeye after several more readily available burgers/ground. What an experience! Definitely doing it again

    As for Black Mountain specifically, our order was super simple to place, very fair prices considering shipping frozen food isn’t the easiest logistically, and customer service was exceptional

  17. Fatbardh Muja (Verified Purchase)


  18. Daniel (Verified Purchase)

    Had the bison ribeyes last weekend and they were fabulous!!! Very tender and the flavor was delicious. I found them to be much better than
    beef ribeyes. We cooked them using the reverse seer method. We started them on a rack in the oven and then finished them with a seer in a hot cast iron skillet on the stove. Will definitely buy again. I will also purchase the filet mignons in the future and give them a try. The customer service is great and I recommend this business and their products. So happy we found this company.

  19. Kandis Kramer (Verified Purchase)

  20. Daniel (Verified Purchase)

    Purchased as a gift. Was delivered still frozen. They loved their gift and cooked the ribeye and said it was great.

  21. Jack Owens (Verified Purchase)

  22. MICHAEL TUTTLE (Verified Purchase)

    My god… those were the best steaks I’ve ever had!

  23. Dennis Reay (Verified Purchase)

    Unequaled in ordering, delivery, packaging and timeliness. Rib eyes were absolutely wonderful. I’m going to be a life long customer. Black Mountain is the best from the owners on down. A truely American company with American values.

  24. Michael (Verified Purchase)

    I sent Bison Ribeye Steaks to my son in north Idaho. He grilled one steak a few days later and told me that it was very, very good. He said that the flavor was very tasty and the meat had much less fat than a prime Beef ribeye of the same quality. I think that he’s going to be getting more steaks from Black Mountain Bison, because his first Bison Ribeye was DELICIOUS! And thanks for the good service sending the steaks that arrived still partly frozen.

  25. michael (Verified Purchase)

    Fantastic! Our first bison ribye for BBQ’ing at home and it was supreme. Tasty, juicy, and mouth-watering.

  26. Kelly G. (Verified Purchase)

    So full of flavor! Perfect amount of marbling

  27. Verified Buyer (Verified Purchase)


  28. Michael (Verified Purchase)

    Served Bison steaks to out of state guests and they raved about the juiciness and robust flavor.

  29. Barry Newport (Verified Purchase)

  30. Jett M. (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent marbling and tenderness and taste. I’ll be back for more. Great service.

  31. Jett McBride (Verified Purchase)

    We love the flavor

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Diagram of bison cuts, with a focus on the Rib primal.

Situated in the heart of the bison, the rib primal is a treasure trove of flavor and tenderness. It's the source of some of the most celebrated cuts in the culinary world, known for its exquisite marbling that infuses every bite with rich, mouthwatering taste. From Ribeye Steaks to sumptuous Prime Rib Roasts, this primal is a testament to nature's artistry and the source of unforgettable dining experiences.