Bison NY Strip Steak

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Fire up the grill – it’s steak night! Thick, tender, and absolutely delicious; you can’t go wrong our Bison New York Strip steak. Cut thick at 1½” and ranging from 7-17 oz., this is your steak for the grill.

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Arguably one of the best steaks, with its rich flavor and buttery smooth texture, our Bison NY Strip steak is something to behold – and then eat. Our thick, 1½” cut is perfect for a Friday night on the grill or pan-seared for a fine-dining experience.

Best cooked medium-rare to medium.

Delivered frozen and individually vacuum-sealed.

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Weight 10 oz

25 reviews for Bison NY Strip Steak

  1. EH (store manager)

    These steaks are GREAT! Very tender and such a rich flavor. Even the fat tastes awesome!

  2. LH (Verified Purchase)

    We ordered the Steak Sampler a few days ago. Did the New York Strips in our NuWave Oven last night because we didn’t want to mess with the grill. I was on a zoom call with some friends and had set the timer for 30 minutes. When I pulled them off, I thought I had ruined them as they were well done. To our surprise, they were absolutely delicious, tender and juicy. Can’t wait to try all of the others now including the ground bison we just ordered!

  3. William Rainey (Verified Purchase)

  4. Kevin (Verified Purchase)

    Top quality bison meat.

  5. Walter Colburn (Verified Purchase)

    Very good, tender, lean and flavorful.

  6. Lynne Behrens-Hanna (Verified Purchase)

    The best!
    This is a carnivores dream meal!

  7. WILLIAM OLIVO (Verified Purchase)

  8. Lynne B. (Verified Purchase)

  9. Michele Ippoliti (Verified Purchase)

  10. Joseph K. (Verified Purchase)

  11. Edward Houston (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent meat. Highly recommend.

  12. Kristin Dahl (Verified Purchase)

    Very tasty, a little leaner than beef. Thick steak that cooked very well using a sear method.

  13. WILLIAM OLIVO (Verified Purchase)

  14. Marcus (Verified Purchase)

  15. Pam (Verified Purchase)

    Very good and fresh

  16. Jeff Stadler (Verified Purchase)

  17. Ashley P. (Verified Purchase)

  18. Josh F. (Verified Purchase)

  19. Teresa (Verified Purchase)

  20. Nicholas Odom (Verified Purchase)

    Cooked on the smoker, amazing tender and juicy. Service was great the bison was better

  21. Teresa (Verified Purchase)

    These NY Steaks are so good!

  22. LYNN G. (Verified Purchase)

  23. Ellen (Verified Purchase)


  24. Margaret (Verified Purchase)

    Awesome cut…char-grilled with minimal seasoning. Tender and juicy. Sliced on bias and 1 10oz. steak was plenty for two, with a nice salad and crusty bread.

  25. WALTER COHN (Verified Purchase)

    This was a VERY tender and delicious steak with superb flavor and texture. The aroma when this was grilled was only surpassed by the taste.

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