Bison Knuckle Bones


Bison Knuckle Bones are a flavorful and nutrient-rich option that come from the shank of the bison. They are perfect for making rich and nutritious bone broth or to feed to your furry canine friends. Order Bison Knuckle Bones today!

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Bison Knuckle Bones come from the shank of the bison. These bones are packed with flavor and nutrition, and are perfect for making rich and hearty bone broth. They also make a great treat for your canine family members (just remember to never give your dogs cooked bones as they may splinter).

Bison Knuckle Bones contain a lot of connective tissue and marrow, which makes them a great choice for slow cooking. When simmered for several hours, they release their nutrients and flavor into the broth, creating a flavorful and nutrient-rich base for soups, stews, and other dishes.

In addition to being a great source of flavor and nutrition, Bison Knuckle Bones are also an excellent source of collagen, which is known to improve skin health, joint health, and digestion.

Our Bison Knuckle Bones are vacuum-sealed to maintain their freshness and quality. They are easy to store and can be frozen for later use, making them a convenient and practical option for your busy lifestyle.

Order now and discover the unique and delicious taste of Bison Knuckle Bones. You'll be doing a favor to your taste buds and your health!


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