Premium Bison Filet Mignon

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Unmistakably tender – this is the steak your mouth has been dreaming about. Our Bison Filet Mignon sets the standard for tenderness and richness. Cut extra thick, it is something you just have to try for yourself. Order a filet mignon today; better yet, order two! Learn more about our Bison Filet Migon.

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Ranked first in tenderness! Named from the French words meaning tender and delicate, our Bison Filet Mignon embodies those adjectives and so much more. Full of rich flavor, this is the steak your mouth has been dreaming about.

A bison filet mignon is a tender and flavorful cut of meat from the tenderloin of the bison. It is versatile and can be prepared in a variety of ways, including grilling, pan-searing, or broiling. Our thicker-cut filet mignon is perfect to be seared on the grill and finished in the oven for the ultimate entrée. Due to its leanness, it is important not to overcook it, as it can easily become tough. It is recommended to cook it to a maximum of medium-rare to preserve its tenderness and flavor.

Best cooked rare to medium.

Your Bison Filet Mignon will be delivered frozen and individually vacuum-sealed.

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All orders are typically processed within 1 to 3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays).

We ship all orders on MONDAY MORNINGS. Orders placed after 8:00 a.m. (MST) on Monday that contains meat or any other perishable item, may be held and shipped the following Monday.

All orders containing meat products will be shipped in an insulated Styrofoam shipping box. Our bison meat is individually vacuum-sealed and shipped frozen. We add dry ice to each order to extend the freezing point of the meat.

We do offer local pick-up at our office. We can typically have orders pulled and ready for pickup within an hour.

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20 reviews for Premium Bison Filet Mignon

  1. Chad W. Young (Verified Purchase)

    Great cuts of meat!

  2. David Williams (Verified Purchase)

    My order came very quickly. The product was packaged very well. It was still frozen when I received it. The pricing is very good as well. This was my first time ordering from here, but definitely not my last. Highly recommended.

  3. Prince Panchal (Verified Purchase)

    Our bison was delicious. The bison seemed saltier than a normal filet but nonetheless it was delicious, would order again without hesitation.

  4. John K. (Verified Purchase)

    I love Black Mountain. I ordered 9 filets because I was concerned they’d run out!! I have ordered brisket, filet, ribs! Love these guys. I don’t eat beef or pork because of the high fat content! I have been able to eat my stroganoff again with the bison! Great bison resource!

  5. James Kennedy (Verified Purchase)

  6. Kevin W. (Verified Purchase)

    Looking forward to this Filet got a couple of these for a special occasion, just need one to happen soon! 🙂

  7. Chad W. Young (Verified Purchase)

    Filets are soft and tender and grill up nicely. Able to cut these fine pieces with a fork!

  8. Fred and Nancy Barnard (Verified Purchase)

  9. Nicholas Odom (Verified Purchase)

    Great great great. Even the dog loved it.

  10. Teresa (Verified Purchase)


  11. LYNN G. (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent quality! Absolutely perfect.

  12. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  13. Kandis Kramer (Verified Purchase)

  14. Daniel (Verified Purchase)

    Purchased as a gift. Delivered as expected on time and frozen.

  15. Jack Owens (Verified Purchase)

    It was my first the eating bison, it was fabulous.
    It made to me still frozen.
    I weighed it come out right.
    I called to check on cooking, spoke to nicest man.
    I will give Black Mountain all of my business.

  16. Leonard Fleming (Verified Purchase)

    The delivery company didn’t deliver on time and the steaks arrived thawed and unusable. I called Black Mountain Bison and they sent a replacement order at no charge, and it arrived good and frozen. Cooked up one and it was so good and tender. I have an allergy to Beef because of a tick bite. (I know it sounds weird) I found out that Bison 🦬 doesn’t bother me. So I now can still have some red meat. I’m a happy camper now.

  17. Leonard F. (Verified Purchase)

    Seeing as it’s been a long time since I have been able have a good steak (because of my allergy to bovine) I found that Buffalo meat does not effect me. I have cooked (on the BBQ one day and on the stove at another time) a couple of the steaks. They were fantastic (tender and jucy not dry at all). It great to be able to have a good steak without it bothering me.
    Note: The first shipment had thawed out and I had to throw it out. But after contacting Black Mountain you sent a replacement and it arrived still frozen without issue. Thank you

    L F

  18. WALTER COHN (Verified Purchase)

    My wife love the flavor and tenderness of this steak.

  19. Bruce P. (Verified Purchase)

    Exceptional flavor and tenderness

  20. Bruce Platt (Verified Purchase)

    Definitely the best bison you can find. Very tender, and the availability of multiple sized steaks makes for less waste and a more economical choice.

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