Bison Chuck Steak (bone-in)


Known as the “Poor Man’s Ribeye,” our Bone-In Bison Chuck Steak is anything but a cheap piece of meat. Thick, juicy, and full of flavor, this steak is a GREAT value. Why not grab a couple?

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Looking for an incredibly tender, full-flavored bison steak that doesn’t break the bank? Then you need to look no further than our All-Natural Bone-In Bison Chuck steak. Thick, juicy, and cut to generous portions, but easy on the wallet — it’s no wonder this steak is referred to as the “Poor Man’s Ribeye.”

Best cooked medium-rare to medium.

Your Bone-In Bison Chuck Steaks are delivered frozen and individually vacuum-sealed. We package and ship your order in a sealed, insulated container with a thermal bag and dry-ice to ensure safe and fresh delivery to your door. Shop Premium Bison meat now!

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