Bison Burger Patties

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Who doesn’t love a GREAT Buffalo Burger? Our Premium Ground Bison in convenient ⅓ lb patties, ready for the grill or BBQ. Pack them in the ice chest and they are perfect protein made portable. Four patties per pack.

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The classic Buffalo Burger brought home -- and cheaper than what you will pay in the restaurant. Our Premium Ground Bison in convenient ⅓ lb patties, ready for the grill or BBQ. Pack them in the ice chest and they are perfect protein made portable. Our Bison Burger Patties are 100% Premium Ground Bison meat – no fillers, no hormones, no antibiotics, and no nonsense. Nothing but terrific taste and excellent nutrition. Four patties per pack.

Your Premium Bison Patties are delivered frozen and individually vacuum-sealed with four ⅓ patties per package. We package and ship your order in a sealed, insulated container with a thermal bag and dry-ice to ensure safe and fresh delivery to your door. Shop Premium Bison meat now!

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30 reviews for Bison Burger Patties

  1. Vicki (Verified Purchase)

    Amazing, convenient and great value

  2. Sara (Verified Purchase)

  3. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    These burgers were really tasty, everyone loved them!

  4. Walter Colburn (Verified Purchase)

    Fantastic burgers, moist, tender and excellent taste.

  5. Walter C. (Verified Purchase)

  6. Sharon M. (Verified Purchase)

    Very juicy, very tasty.

  7. Prince Panchal (Verified Purchase)

    Very juicy and tasty burgers. Do not feel heavily processed as some other companies prepacked patties. Would absolutely purchase again. Very Tasty!

  8. Michele Ippoliti (Verified Purchase)

  9. Jodi (Verified Purchase)

    Love the flavor & the convenience. Very little shrinkage.

  10. Samuel (Verified Purchase)

    moist, tender and excellent taste. Very little grease.

  11. Chad W. Young (Verified Purchase)

    Delicious when grilled!

  12. Fred and Nancy Barnard (Verified Purchase)

    Grilling outdoors in mid-February was a challenge, but that didn’t stop that wonderful Black Mountain bison flavor from coming through. YUM !

  13. Pam (Verified Purchase)

    The patties were just the right size.

  14. Kariann Martinez (Verified Purchase)

    They tasted great

  15. Jerold Meyer (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent quality meat — low fat and very tasty 🙂

  16. Scott Snow (Verified Purchase)

    The bison is amazing and Michael gives great customer service!

  17. Gregory Schultz (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent meat, fair price, and it was delivered right away! Excellent customer service!

  18. Marty f. (Verified Purchase)

    My first bison burger purchase for home grilling. Had heard that they could be finicky on the grill due to lower fat content. Didn’t find it to be the case. If for beef your a well,well, well done guy then there might be problems but I’m not. They were juicy and all eaten up while other grilled items were passed on. Buy with confidence from the Black Mountain Bison Company.

  19. Teresa (Verified Purchase)

  20. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Quick, convenient, and delicious

  21. Teresa (Verified Purchase)

    These patties are so convenient! Quick easy and delicious

  22. Kandis Kramer (Verified Purchase)

  23. Daniel (Verified Purchase)

    Purchased as a gift. Arrived on time and still frozen. They loved the gift.

  24. Richard (Verified Purchase)

  25. Martinus Isley (Verified Purchase)

  26. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Awesome burgers

  27. WALTER COHN (Verified Purchase)

    Haven’t opened these yet, but if the burgers are the equivalent the rest of my order, these will also be great.

  28. Troy Hallman (Verified Purchase)

  29. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

  30. Alfredo Calandreli (Verified Purchase)

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